In a new report, Butterfly Conservation reveals that 80% of butterfly species have declined in abundance or distribution, or both, since the 70s.  But we can all help. From 5 June - 30 September 2023 Essex Wildlife Trust is asking us to become Butterfly Seekers by recording our butterfly sightings. 

An app is available on both iOS and Android platforms that enables you to record your sightings.  You don't need to create an account.  It's called the ArcGIS Survey 123 app and it's very simple to use.  Just visit to download it.

Don't worry about your level of expertise, the programme has been designed to enable everyone to take part.  Just choose the photo that looks the same as the butterfly you've seen.  You can fill out the survey as many times as you like.  Every reported sighting helps conservationists build a more detailed picture of what happening to our fluttery friends.